Three dead in new smallpox ‘mystery’ outbreak – 9 April 1962

Fifty years ago today, a third patient at Glanrhyd Hospital near Bridgend died of smallpox. The new outbreak in the mental hospital had the authorities worried – they did not know how the disease had got into Glanrhyd. The South Wales Echo headline that day read ‘Big search for smallpox carrier’. Continue reading

‘Smallpox All-clear Likely Tonight’- South Wales Echo 2 April 1962

Fifty years ago today, medical officers in the South Wales Valleys were due to give the ‘all-clear’ which would mean that the smallpox outbreak – which began in Cardiff in January – was over. But documents in the National Archives show that their bosses were unhappy about the decision. And only days later, a new outbreak in the Bridgend area would show that the local authorities’ optimism was misplaced. Continue reading